The Last Brownie Camera

By Chuck Baker

The Kodak Brownie II was the last Brownie camera produced. This interesting camera is similar to the Kodak Cross and the Kodak Star 110 models. Why it was released as a Brownie model, years after the previous 110 Brownie model ended production, is a mystery. It was produced and distributed in Brazil. As far as I can tell, it was manufactured only during 1986 and there were no variations of this camera produced.

The Kodak Brownie II - photo David Lisk

The Kodak Brownie II – The Last Brownie Camera

This well-made camera is surprisingly advanced for any Brownie camera, not just a 110 camera. The shutter speed is automatically set by the speed of the film, via notches on the film cartridge. Additionally, it offers a choice of two apertures and has a “flipflash” socket..

Kodak Kodak Brownie II - David Lisk photo

Closed Kodak Brownie II – The Last Brownie Camera

Here are some details:
Camera Type: Eyelevel 110 Cartridge Loading
Introduced: 1986
Discontinued: 1986
Film size: 110 Cartridge
Picture size: 0.51″ x 0.67″
Manufactured: Brazil
Lens: Kodar Meniscus F/11, 22mm Fixed Focus
Aperture Settings: Bright and Cloudy
Shutters Speeds: 1/50, 1/125 and 1/250
Numbers made: ?
Original price: ?

The Kodak Brownie II Package - David Lisk photo

The Kodak Brownie II Package – The Last Brownie Camera

The Brownie Camera Page was introduced to the World Wide Web in 1994 and has been growing ever since. I started the website because I couldn’t find any information about a Baby Brownie that was my father’s. The website has become a knowledge base, of sorts, kind of a WIKIBrownieCamera. I am always open and welcome new information and corrections to the website.

Recently, a visitor to the website/blog found a camera listing that was wrong. I did not verify well enough the wrong information that I used to create the webpage years ago. For this, I apologize to everyone who took this information as fact. This is a big Thank You to David Lisk for taking the time to point out the correct information for this blog and the camera page, with references, and for sending images of The Last Brownie Camera ever made.

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  1. Christopher Hosford

    Terrific entry, Chuck, and thanks so much for your great and continued devotion to photography!


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