Eastman Anniversary Images by Bud Collins

These great images where taken at Yosemite by Bud in 1937 after being given an Eastman Anniversary Camera 7 years earlier as explained below. You can find more about The Eastman Anniversary Camera from here.

"In 1930 I lived in Monrovia, CA, a town of about 10,000 population then. Eastman Kodak advertised that anyone having their 12th birthday in that year had only to go to their favorite dealer with proper ID and they would be given a free camera. I went to Central Camera on Myrtle Avenue and got mine and I still have it! It is a conventional box camera using 120 film and has a golden decal on it's side saying "FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY OF KODAK 1880-1930" and the EKC logo. At this time there were about 35-12 year olds in my school x3 other elementary schools in town equals 140 cameras in a population of 10,000. Imagine the total number distributed across the country and the resulting film sales over the following years. George Eastman was a brilliant entrepreneur as well as an inventor and philanthropist! (He died in 1932). Through the years I acquired many more sophisticated cameras which did far better work if properly set (and far worse if not). These pictures were taken in the summer of 1937 when school was out and the Tioga Pass was clear of snow. I borrowed my mother's '37 Chevy and took this group of classmates over the pass and down into Yosemite Valley. I had only my little brown Eastman Anniversary Camera but the pictures were as good or better than the others got with their equipment."

Bud Collins

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